"HEROES" music video by Macklemore ft. DJ Premier | Rating & Review by Mistah Wilson

"Macklemore connects with DJ Premier to start 2023 off with a vicious attack of lyrical supremacy."

Definitely wasn't expecting this to drop a day after my 33rd birthday. Seeing this as I was scrolling tha feed had me initially thinking it was some photoshopped clickbait thumbnail lol. Nevertheless, I put it to tha side until I had time to actually sit and check it out.

Okay, Hip Hop. It's time we have an honest conversation about just how dope Macklemore is. It's songs like these that are tha reason I said Mack deserved that Grammy over Lamar, even though he Mack disagreed himself. The Heist exemplified Macklemore's true potential. And as an artist and fanatic myself, I was able to see how good Haggerty is and his potential for greatness.

"Macklemore's line "Wanted the perm like DJ Quik" is relevant evidence in our conversation about how Hip Hop influences our communities...for better or worse."

Now, we can't overlook tha fact that tha white boy rapper from Seattle just did an amazing song with one of Hip Hop's most legendary producers in DJ Premier. This has got to make somebody jelly out there simply because who knew this was coming? Macklemore connects with DJ Premier to start 2023 off with a vicious attack of lyrical supremacy. He's known for having what I would call "extra'd out" video productions for his songs. I think it plays into his whole business strategy approach to his music. 

Macklemore not only pays homage to his heroes in Hip Hop, but he displays a lyrical ability that will have tha best of them re-watching to breakdown what he said. This song is a shot to tha industry, putting rappers on notice for tha upcoming release of his new album BEN due out this March 2023. Macklemore slices and dices his way thru a Premo cut as he's privileged to roam tha streets of New York with tha legend to shoot tha video. 

Macklemore's line "Wanted the perm like DJ Quik" is relevant evidence in our conversation about how Hip Hop influences our communities...for better or worse. I just think it's interesting how we shape and form our lives, swag, attitude, and ego behind what we see others demonstrate. It begs tha question, is this even really you? Now, I'm not saying Macklemore ain't a hard dude. He's Irish. And we all know tha Irish knock shit tf out. But, I'm speaking to tha image behind it all. The motivational ambition that essentially builds our identity. 

Now, I just have to say for tha record that this music video was epic as shit. It did not disappoint. In fact, it impressed. I browsed tha comments when I first encountered tha post and people were clearly reluctantly loving it lol. People would make a judgment, but also acknowledged it was dope. I think with this video, Macklemore is proving that he's really about that Hip Hop life. I think this was a dope song to release as single for his upcoming album. 

Macklemore, if you're reading this, we gotta get together and discuss tha local music scene as we know it in Seattle. Until then, I'm going to be another fanatic who appreciates tha quality and effort you put into your songs. I gotta give it to Macklemore. I don't really know what more fanatics need to see and hear for them to be convinced that Ben belongs in Hip Hop. Him having inspired my vision for a unified local music scene; it's like watching MY hero rap about HIS heroes. 

I say this song has a moderate replay value. The scenes in tha music video were raw and really conveyed that hardknock street image they were obviously going for. I say moderate and not moderately high because I feel tha chorus is generic and not catchy enough in itself for me to remember tha song off tha hook alone. It's not necessarily a bad thing. I appreciate tha song for what it is.

Rating 8.8

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