Sunday Replay: Independent Artists Rise Up

This week’s edition of The Quinn Spinn Sunday Replay features all independent artists addressing the ups and downs of the creative journey.

These recent episodes are just a sample of the in-depth conversations we offer on a weekly basis. If you want more, check out the links below as you dive in!

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As an independent musician, your job is so much more than just writing, recording, and performing songs. In the beginning, it’s a little bit of everything. Ty Warner joined The Quinn Spinn to offer his perspective.

Is “making it” in the music industry a specific point of arrival, or is it something more abstract? We explored this idea on The Quinn Spinn with Keith Evan Gay (KEG Country).

Challenging times will reveal our capabilities to us. Music on the Move Studios co-founder Caitie Thompson shares how she rose to the challenge of being an independent creative during COVID.

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