"Thought Leader" music video by An0maly | Rating & Review by Mistah Wilson

When he's not going in on political pundits on Twitter, he's dropping music that nobody expected him to come with. Now, when I saw tha thumbnail to this video, I'm like, why is this guy out in tha middle of nowhere? It started to give me tha vibes of over-conceptualized art, but then I remembered who An0maly is and was like naw, I at least gotta check it out before I share my opinion. 

I'm curious to know just where in tha world is he when he shot this video. I'm guessing it was somewhere in Uptown New York State being that tha video brandished an image of a standalone Buffalo in tha snow. The little robot moves he was doing was kinda like, why lol? I guess it's tha little things that leads us to develop interest in others, idk. Nonetheless, lyrically, An0maly is showing tha world that he doesn't need tha industry or phony record deals to demonstrate his greatness. I couldn't agree more. I mean, personally, I'm thankful for An0maly and how he speaks up on a lot of nonsense surfacing in mainstream news. He's someone we gotta protect at all costs!!!

An0maly is a prime example of settling for his own platform without compromising his message because he recognizes tha value that he has and brings to tha game. Don't let tha political rhetoric fool you, An0maly is as real as they come. Kudos to him for using his profile to highlight God while renouncing deals offered to him by tha sinister music industry. We need more artists like this to put out material so that we can have some form of conscious influence out here. Video was a bit overrated, in my opinion. But, tha song itself was worth checking out. The beat, well, I can't say it's one I would've rapped over. But, he definitely got tha point across. An0maly puts tha game on notice with tha release of "Thought Leader" music video. Be sure to give it a LIKE, comment, and share.

Rating 7.1

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