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Method Man, Redman, Styles P and More Ring in 4/20 at Inaugural BUD DROP

Jae Markwick’s Reflection on Parental Guidance

The Kottonmouth Kings Present to You “Your Future” Prod. by Mike Kumagai

DJ Neebor on How Sunlight Affects The Vibe of the City #seattlemusicscene #losangelesmusicscene

Leaf Dog Continues His 2024 Run By Releasing His 8th Solo LP “When Sleeping Giants Wake” (Album Review)

Duckman’s B$F Debut “Black Soprano Eskimo” Reveals Himself as Alaska’s Most Exciting MC Currently (Mixtape Review)

DRAGG Releases Captivating Debut Album "Mixed Feelings"

Buffalo’s Y.N.X. 716 Connects With Long Island’s DJ Concept for Their Collab EP, Conceptual Thoughts

B.A.R.S. Murre’s 5th LP “Jewelry Store Shootouts” Refines Himself Artistically (Album Review)

“Connecticut Casual 2” Changes the Outlook of Apathy’s Career (Album Review)

KING CANGIN Drops Highly Anticipated Album “Knee Deep in Beats”

Hope Is Music Drops New Single “LA VIDA” Featuring Zzay, Zenaloa & Soul.Dope.95

South Central LA Rapper J.Outlaw Drops New Single “Committed To The Hustle Pt.3 Light Up The Room”

Reuben Vincent’s 2nd EP “General Admission” is His Most Introspective Work (EP Review)

"Christianity" Was Never In The Bible | Gino Jennings

MACA "I KNOW WHERE YOU KNOW ME FROM" #pasadenamusicscene

Stetsasonic Returns to Form on “Here We Go Again”, First New Album in Over 30 Years (Album Review)

“Super Shredder” Takes Everything That Made Mickey Diamond & Ral Duke’s “Oroku Saki” EP to New Levels (Album Review)

Marv Won Releases Soul-Baring Mello Music Group Debut “I’m Fine, Thanks for Asking. (Album Review)

The Musalini & Cookin’ Soul Got the “Mackaroni” (EP Review)

Doing Hooks For All Pasadena Artists | Kneight Hooks #pasadenamusicscene

The Inspiration Behind The Alias | Kneight Hooks #pasadenamusicscene

"Everybody Know Me From Singing" | Kneight Hooks #pasadenamusicscene

Eddie Kaine & Big Ghost Ltd. Invite Y’all to Take the “Last Exit to Crooklyn” (Album Review)

Conejo Drops Explosive GTA-Style Animated Video For “West Adams OG” Off The ‘Reset’ Deluxe

BLAX Unleashes His Reign With His Anticipated ‘WEMBENYAMA EP’


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