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B.A.R.S. Murre’s 5th LP “Jewelry Store Shootouts” Refines Himself Artistically (Album Review)

New Jersey emcee B.A.R.S. Murre returning from a 4-year hiatus for the 5th full-length studio album in his discography. Signing to Black Soprano Family Records over a decade ago for his debut Chicken & Cake, he would continue to follow this up with Dead Nasty as well as Whimsical & Black Tanita respectively. However nearly 3 & a half years since the last LP Husky Marinara including the fact that B$F’s been growing as a label in recent years, Murre’s returning for some Jewelry Store Shootouts.

The title track has a funky boom bap flare to the instrumental talking about being on his way to Philly for a new piece until everything goes wrong whereas “Guess Who” featuring Rick Hyde & produced by Johnny Slash keeps it grimy asking to take a guess as to who they just served. “Like That” featuring Loveboat Luciano works in a flute with kicks & snares lookin’ to shake everything since it’s more than rap just before the symphonic/boom bap crossover “Beat Bleed” looks to son anyone who wants to step up to him.

“Gremlin” eerily likens himself to that of the titular mischievous sprite & after the “Stupid Motherfuckus” interlude, “Ralph Cifaretto” feat. Benny the Butcher finds the 2 ruggedly referencing the Sopranos character of the same name whom Tony eventually kills. “Uranus” featuring Elcamino brings a much coldier atmosphere to the table instrumentally talking about being the new Patrick Swayze, but then “D’Lo Brown” turns up the rawness paying homage to the former WWE Superstar from the Attitude Era.

B.A.R.S. jumps on top of sinister piano chords clashing with the kicks & snares for “Boomin’” talkin’ about everything being a heater while “Cooker X3” featuring Fuego Base & even Lil’ Fame brings the trio together aggressively reminding that they done came up from a shady crew. “Yes Sir” featuring Heem comes together to grittily talk about their bloodline coming together & after the “Big G.M.” interlude, “Paranoid” gives me a mafioso/boom bap vibe admitting to switch up as a result of paranoia. Armani Caesar hops on the “Pumper” remix serving as the penultimate track for a Bonnie & Clyde anthem done in the signature GxF fashion & “The Coolest” ends the album by wickedly having the power to rule Earth.

Jewelry Store Shootouts has been in the making since for quite some time when you look at 10 of the 17 songs being released as singles over three course of 2 & a half years, but it’s most definitely a step above anything that B.A.R.S. Murre has done previously. You can hear how much he’s evolved as a lyricist over a decade of being in the game, it’s more well-produced & even the guests all add their own flavor for the latest member of the Black Soprano Family introducing himself to a wider audience in the underground.

Score: 8/10



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