The Morning Rant w/ Mistah Wilson (1.27.23): Ukraine, Dr. Umar, Governor DeSantis, & more...

 Ok, now where do I begin? Roughly over a week ago, I published a video on @thawilsonblockministries Instagram page where I expressed my disproval of my tax dollars going to help countries in Europe...particularly Ukraine. Why should I care about Ukraine when Europe has been pillaging Africa for as long as we can remember? So, I'm supposed to care more about white people than black people? That's what my question is. That's basically what you're trying to tell me.

In that video, some agreed, some disagreed. But, those who disagreed had a very poor argument. Their rationale is that if we don't stop Russia, they are going to take over tha world with whatever vices and values they have as a people. And for Americans, that's "supposed" to be dreadful. But, I beg to differ. See, when you understand tha Truth, you know that our freewill should not be used as a cover-up for evil. But, because America doesn't teach us to read our bibles or that we are created in God's image, Americans sincerely have a false sense of what life is about. 

I'll tell you what life is all about: decisions. Life is about making decisions. Whether it's love, faith, lies, or deception, these are choices we have to make. Everything else is trivia. And my ambition here is to help people defeat confusion. There is far too much misinformation going around, in tha name of free speech, that young people like myself really had to research and dig out tha Truth for my own sake. Because members of my community kept insisting on information and histories that was contradictory. I researched the history of creation for myself and it's still an ongoing study. But, I have learned enough to know when someone is either lying to me or when they don't know what they're talking about. I can't sit up here and say I have all tha answers. There's always a chance I can be wrong. And that's why I'm right. Because I've never had a problem coming to grips with tha fact that I might be wrong.

And people who like to impulsively share their opinion usually haven't done a lick of research on their own. Personally, I care about what happens to and in Africa. I am a white man that came out of a Black woman. And because American principles led me to grow up without a Father, Black is all I've ever identified with. And that's why tha thought of europe raping Africa is a big deal to me. Bigger than what Ukraine is dealing with. And I put it on my facebook days ago. See, in America they'd throw you in prison for harboring a fugitive only to turn around and help an absconding nation rebel against it's capital city. It astonishes me how African Americans never allude to moving back to Africa. It's a great idea. The blacks in America who want to fight for inclusion and assimilation are essentially asking for their lives to be influenced by euro-centric values. That's why Europe is not good for tha world. Because they impose their sinister values on their societies. You know, tha usual suspects. Homosexuality and idol worship. 

See, as a young, critical thinking american, I can't seem to wrap my head around tha FACT that our political leaders in tha united states worship tha devil in exchange for world power. And everybody standing behind america in this regard is essentially endorsing these so-called rights. When our president goes on national television and condemns all of society by instituting legislation for gay rights, we want no parts of that! We are paying taxes in a country that uses tha money to do everything we don't agree with. How can America or Europe justify a war with anybody when they themselves have taken too much action against their own citizens? As a 33yr old male, I can't remember a time when housing was ever affordable. I've been a homeless foster kid for years. Students attending major universities have been rendered homeless for over a decade now. And we're suppose to just overlook tha lack of these provisions for our most vulnerable populations? I don't think so. American leadership has put in place harmful policy that has not only rendered their citizens homeless, but has gentrified tha very neighborhoods we grew up in. We can't even live in tha places we call home. What fckn "community" are we talking about? Where? What type of community do we live in when you can't even take your laptop to McDonalds or Starbucks anymore because homeless people have ransacked their restrooms out of desperation? And these businesses continue to operate, paying taxes to tha very criminals who made it this way even for them! This is not homeless people's fault. So, instead of businesses coming to an understanding and using their platforms to bridge gaps in our communities, we are effectively shut out! And these are tha fundamental reasons why African Americans need to start looking into migrating to other countries. Yet, most of us are fooled by how things appear. We can't imagine a world without service convenience and concrete buildings everywhere. Americans are led to believe we are bigger, stronger, and wealthier than other nations because they trust and believe tha mainstream media despite tha lies that are constantly being told by so-called "credible" sources.

And speaking of Africa, let's discuss Dr. Umar and Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis. Now, I've abhorred tha idea of living or even visiting tha State of Florida. Over tha years. there have just been too many radical headlines stemming from that part of tha nation. I remember reading about Orlando police arresting a senior citizen for feeding homeless people. Who wants to live in a society like that? Not to mention all tha heinous crimes committed by people in tha state and their reputation for being all about guns and football. But, Governor DeSantis has levied serious policy amidst federal leadership that has literally lost it's mind. When it came to covid and vaccinations, Ron wasn't going for it. And he stood up for tha people instead of embracing tha narrative they want us to accept. Now, DeSantis is imposing legislation that makes it illegal to teach black queer studies in public schools. Oh boy, what a victory! Then you have Dr. Umar Johnson popping up talking about what DeSantis is doing is "discrimination". lol. See, Umar was right when he questioned why Joe Biden was invited to speak at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta. I had a similar reaction and that's why I agree with Umar...politically. Religiously, I think he falls completely short. And this is how I know that even an educated brother like Dr. Umar, doesn't know tha Truth. And tha reason he has trouble coming into this knowledge is because he's indoctrinated with education by his own oppressors. If there's one thing Umar has learned from education, it's to be just like his enemies. Because I would argue that any black person that has plans for black people without tha God of tha Bible is essentially pushing a cult. 

How in tha world can we justify, with a plain face, gay and queer studies for black people? Umar is basically arguing that Blacks should have everything everyone else has. And our Bibles tells us what happens when we do that by looking at King Saul. God himself insisted on being their King, but they wanted a human king like all tha other nations. And, Saul dealt heavily with them. Let me tell it, I insist all African Americans embark on a quiet exodus out of America. Imagine. Blacks organize and purchase one-way tickets to African countries. Do you think America would go and steal us back? Of course they would. In fact, we already know American leaders would simply just impose legislation or policy that hinders Blacks even being able to do such a thing. And that's why it's a problem. Because we'll settle for that and not carry on any further suspicions.

Honestly, I don't care what any Black scholar has to say about these matters. Right now, most of our Black warriors are dead or in jail because white people fear them. Meanwhile, tha craziest of our warriors are, in fact, misguided and so we persecute each other instead of rebelling against tyranny. I look at my black people in tha community, and they're all after money, fame, and greed because they were taught to be this way. And now, they can't even see past that. All of a sudden, they want to rationalize queer studies in our public schools as if such a thing isn't going to condemn our next generation of children. This is nothing but tha devil fighting for what belongs to God. And everybody out here flaunting their useless opinions about tha transpiring of events are missing tha underlying point here. That we battle not against flesh & blood, but spiritual beings and principalities. I'm sorry you put your trust in false teachers that has led you to have a misconception of Christianity. That's why I implore all people to ask God (of tha Bible) for his knowledge, wisdom, and understanding that can ONLY come from him. These wars are not about power, control, or economics. It's about ideology. And most of tha people making arguments out here essentially believe in tha same things their enemies do. 

Simply put, tha world doesn't want to settle for what God says even tho most of life's questions are answered in tha Bible. Apparently, it's not good enough for them because it goes against their misguided beliefs. People have too much pride to accept that they've been duped. So, what do they do? They bask in their own ignorance. My arguments can never be defeated by political statements. Because there will be no politics in tha afterlife. Just truth. Tha very truth american peoples choose to reject by their own omission. I'm going to end this rant by saying POLITICS DOES NOT CAN NOT SUPERCEDE RELIGION. It's an oxymoron. Come at me, bro lol

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