In this understanding Israel series I have tried to break it down so that it can be clearly understood through history, who the Yahudim (Jews) really are.  We have gone through much history in this series, but for many people they still are not convinced, but after this video, I think those that choose to disagree or discredit do so because they are blinded by hate and racial animosity. The truth has been hidden, masqueraded, and then hijacked, but in fulfillment of Bible prophecy, these lies will not hold and the truth must be told so that the awakening can happen and those that truly love YAH and desire His kingdom, can come into it when He fulfills His promise and prophecy.  In part 6 of this series we spoke about the Yahudim (Jews) being scattered amongst the nations, but what happened after that scattering. It’s time to go deeper.

What do you know about the Marranos? 
Do you know what the Spanish Inquisition was all about? 
What do you know about what happened in 1492? 

If you understand this, understanding who are the true descendants of Yashar’el (Israel) would not be too difficult to understand, so we are going to dive deep into this and break this all down.  We are going to identify who the people were that were taken in the transatlantic slave trade, by going over the history of what happened before that event. Get a paper and pen and take some notes! Let’s Begin! 

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