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"Altar Ego" song by Glory Shalom | Rating & Review by Mistah Wilson

I caught a straight up vibe with this song. The intro led me into euphoria leading up to tha chorus dropping. It's tha kind of song that makes you want to move even if you're not much of a dancer. The "breaking free" part of her lyrics is just so beautifully sung. Gotta love a singer who uses her voice to glorify God. Let's talk about tha power of her lyrics for a moment. It's empowering, to say tha least. "I won't be defined by mistakes from my past, labels placed on me," those are words that virtually anyone can pull strength from. Not a bad song for tha intro and title song to tha EP. "I won't be slave to fear or negativity, ...or by my own insecurities." Glory demonstrates tha voice of an angel all throughout this song. 

Tracksion, tha producer definitely knows what he's doing. I love how tha beat grooves just before tha first verse begins. It gives tha song a commercially-viable feel but also serves as just good music. I gotta give it up to Glory Shalom on her debut project Altar Ego. I've never felt this inspired particularly by an EP before. This song is just one of a few that demonstrates potential for excellence. Honestly, there's just not much I don't like about this song. It has all tha ingredients you would expect in a quality gospel song. We can't overlook how, in this song and throughout her album, she glorifies God in her music.

This song is worth a share. This is one of those cuts that is so good, I can't get past tha first 60 seconds without starting it over again. If Glory is reading this, I want you to be encouraged in your music. You're doing something right. And I appreciate you this song for so many reasons. Glory is a singer that works well with producers that know what they're doing. It's in her. The song ends perfectly as well. The only downside to this song is that it's just not long enough although 3:20 is like tha average length a song should be. Perhaps she should drop an extended version of this song. Or if she shot a music video, I can see it being very entertaining. I look forward to seeing her perform this song some time. Good job, Glory Shalom! Also, don't forget, Glory Shalom was featured on tha cover issue of ThaWilsonBlock Magaine Issue134. Be sure to check out her exclusive interview w/ us.

Rating 9.3


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