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Technology Vs Books By Jhantu Randall

In the technological age we take everything for granted!
The answer to every question lies in the palms of our hands.  We have access to all the knowledge, yet we choose to remain dumb.  We pick and choose viewpoints based on the ideology of the publication.  We have books on every subject, unfortunately, we leave them to collect dust on the shelves. We’d rather watch a youtube video instead of reading and researching for ourselves.

Alive during this time, we can see the world is changing.  Those married to their old habits can’t seem to fathom why their views appear antiquated.  Fear is pushed as the new normal, by biased media organizations who sold out information for entertainment.  A well informed person has suddenly become an oddity, the result of what happens when the ones who present the information openly take a partisan view.  Their voice is just there to please advertising dollars to increase the company’s revenue. 

Maybe this assessment is too simplistic, but it’s nearly impossible to dig through the veils which cover the layers where they’ve hidden the truth.  In this day an age, the written word can be sent directly to you, and at the same time we openly fight to censor literature through the argument that its existence undermines society’s decency in some far out way.  Our paragraphs were replaced by no more than 140 characters to express our thoughts. During this frankenstein experiment, it feels as if grammar, proper spelling, and syntax has drastically fallen off.

Through my observation of this, I say that it is no surprise that blind ignorance and xenophobic behavior has migrated from the outer edge of the fringes to mainstream America where it is excused under the guise of just being truthful.  The political correctness stranglehold on all of us can not overlook their actions in this situation either.  We’ve created this “Brave New World” where trashy, superficial stories and tabloid journalism now reigns supreme. 

I believe that the volumes that lay virtually untouched in underused public libraries are the alternative to such a system.  Unfortunately due to the lax attitude on basic english, the literacy rate has fallen to the point where most ignore these books as outdated.  The new trick to banning such works doesn’t lie in an outright condemnation or open air book burning, it exists by making the population so uninformed that they choose not to read them because they know they can’t fully comprehend the words.  Over the last 40 years, the powers that be have duped us all to being complicit in these scheme by cutting funding to schools and then justifying it all by showing the fall in test scores. 

Looking back, Ray Bradbury must have had a crystal ball because he seemed to foresee this all in his novel “Fahrenheit 451.” 



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