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Allegaeon to perform at El Corazon on October 17th

Allegaeon to perform at El Corazon on October 17th

KISW (99.9 FM) Metal Shop and El Corazon Present: Allegaeon, Inferi & Paladin at El Corazon


Allegaeon (pronounced: uh-lee-juhn) was formed in 2007. In 2008 they released their 4 song, self-titled EP and quickly gained attention of Metal Blade records.

July 20th, 2010 brought Allegaeon’s debut album Fragments of Form and Function (FOFAF). FOFAF was recorded in Denver at Flatline Audio with Dave Otero (Cephalic Carnage, and Cattle Decapitation) lists Allegaeon’s debut album, FOFAF, as the #4 rated death metal album of all time (by the websites rating standards). FOFAF was critically acclaimed by many and catapulted the band out of obscurity and into the ranks of metals elite new bands.

In January 2012, the band traveled to Southern California and entered the studio with Daniel Castleman to begin work on their follow up record titled Formshifter, which peaked at #29 on the Billboard heatseekers chart. It also marked the last record guitarist Ryan Glisan would do with the band.

Allegaeon released their third full-length album Elements of the Infinite on June 24, 2014. Once again recorded at Flatline Audio with Dave Otero, the band expanded their classical music side with the addition of orchestral passages. With the added talents of guitarist Michael Stancel, and drummer Brandon Park, the music videos for “1.618” and “Threshold of Perception” showed the bands more fun loving personalities noting “we take the music seriously, but not ourselves”. Elements debuted at number 25 on the Hard Rock Billboard chart.

The band’s latest album Proponent For Sentience, released in 2016, marked the first with vocalist Riley McShane, and included guest appearances from Bjorn “Speed” Strid (Soilwork) and Benjamin Ellis (Scar Symmetry). The album showcased McShane’s dynamic vocal range with the first appearances of throat singing, pitch screaming, and clean vocals. Metal Injection reviewed the album at a 9/10, and the album reached number 11 on the US Hard Rock Billboard chart, and number 33 on the US Rock chart.


INFERI is an American Technical Melodic Death Metal band forged from the depths of Nashville, Tennessee. The band formed in 2006 and sets themselves outside of the generic pack by mixing melodious, yet technical musicianship rarely seen in today’s extreme metal acts. After releasing Divinity in War in 2007 and The End of an Era in 2009, lead guitarist, Malcolm Pugh (A LOATHING REQUIEM, Ex-ENTHEOS, Ex-DISKREET, Ex-ENFOLD DARKNESS) decided to reignite the fire. Recruiting Mike Low (OUBLIETTE, Ex-ENFOLD DARKNESS) on guitar, the band releasing the critically acclaimed album, “The Path of Apotheosis”. Inferi returned in 2018 with the release of their album, “Revenant”, which charted #26 on Billboard’s Hard Rock Albums, #28 on Billboard’s New Artists and #92 on Independent Albums charts. Additionally, 2018 brought a new lineup with Spencer Moore (PHOBOS) on Drums, Andrew Kim(Ex-VIMANA, Ex-SEREN) on Bass and Stevie Boiser (TETHYS, EQUIPOISE, Ex-DISSONANCE IN DESIGN, Ex-VALE OF PNATH) on Vocals. With this lineup solidified, INFERI has toured extensively alongside acts such as OBSCURA, ARCHSPIRE, BEYOND CREATION, RIVERS OF NIHIL, ALTERBEAST, EXIST, REAPING ASMODEIA and GRINDMOTHER across the United States and Canada.


Fast, melodic, and technical, Atlanta’s Paladin is on a mission to bring some European flavor to the US metal scene. The foursome blends soaring vocals, harsh rasps, catchy melodies, and fiery guitar work reminiscent of the 80s to create their own brand of thrashy power metal.


Seattle’s burgeoning metal scene has given birth to a new force where the ley lines of dark melody and brutality intersect: Blood and Thunder. Weaving together intricate guitar-craft, ringing, swirling keyboards, bludgeoning bass and drums, and a mix of crack-ice blackened vocals and wolfish death-metal roars, Blood and Thunder create melodic death metal that both crushes and loads your head with barbed hooks that won’t come loose after the music ends.

tickets are available here.

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