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Meditate By Jhantu Randall


I often sit in a meditative state
Eyes closed in hopes of feeling everything
Sometimes, the window to the soul can be impenetrable 
Too many times its opened just to see everything freely flow
Fleeting and fading like being lost in a heavy snow
Digging deeper knowing there’s always been more to show
Suddenly spotting an eerie glow
To some it’s a halo
To others, its fatal
Witnessing demons in caves dancing to the works of Plato

Reaching out to the lost tribes and all other desolate ones
Constantly on the run as nowhere seems safe in a land ruled by the gun
Waking every morning and taking a breath with the rise of the sun
Adjusting the frequency until you get it in tune
As I sleep my spirit is activated as it howls at the moon
No clutter just a passion holding a force more violent than thunder
A power that smothers yet still leaves many in wonder
Asking whether any of this is real or is it fake?
Predestined like fate

Forever searching for the answers while in a meditative state



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