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6th Annual Seattle Acoustic Festival Returns to Capitol Hill on October 12

The Seattle Acoustic Festival is returning to Capitol Hill at the All-Pilgrims Christian Church on October 12th for its 6th year. 

For year six, the Seattle Acoustic Festival is bringing a fantastic line-up together for the annual, flagship event. “We’ve maybe never had such an electrifying line-up of incredible artists,” says organizer, Paul Mauer. “We’re really excited for this year.”

Ambitiously, SAF will let attendees name their own ticket prices. “It’s really a priority for us to make sure that we are as inclusive as we can possibly be, and that means letting people pay what they can to attend,” says Mauer.

The Seattle Acoustic Festival is also using a new tag line this year: “Quiet is the new loud.” Co-founder Elijah Dhavvan adds, “The festival is based on the idea that even the quiet, mellow, acoustic musicians of the area can elicit the most powerful emotional experiences for the audience.”

The Seattle Acoustic Festival emphasizes an intimate, up-close musical experience, with audience members able to find a more engaging connection with the musical artists. “We emphasize story-telling and sharing experiences through music,” says Dhavvan, “and we hope that audiences will come away with a unique appreciation for the songs that they love.”

Lineup and schedule: (all times p.m.)

Stage 1 (Fellowship Hall):

12:00 – The Two Tides
2:00 – Saints By Day
3:00 – Spinster
4:00 – Your Downstairs Neighbors
5:00 – The Salmonberries
6:00 – Deify
7:00 – Wrong Way at the Roundabout
8:00 – Sandi Fernandez
9:00 – La Fille
10:00 – Colorworks

Stage 2 (Sanctuary):

12:30 – Samantha Lynn Music
1:30- Paul Mauer and the Silence
2:30 – Gaby DeSpain
3:30 – Aline & Wes
4:30- Craig Marker
5:30- The Chris Poage Band
6:30 – Natalie Paige
7:30 – Aester
8:30 – Ian of Among Authors
9:30 – Tobias the Owl
10:30 – Ravenna Woods

And a front stage, presented by Songwriters in Seattle, with:

Chris Klimecky – Music (Chris Klimecky)
Andy Roo Forrest
Abby Karp (Abby K)
Steve Church
Judith Kate Friedman
JD Cotton
Gary Milici
David Guilbault
Val D’Alessio
Ethereal Kicks
David Brody
Todd Christoffel
Lisa Craze
Douglas Dejoe

SAF 2016 is being sponsored by a number of respected, local allies of the musical community, including Gigtown Music, Tim’s Tavern, Northwest Polite Society, Euphoria Tea Productions, London Tone Music, Tasty House Rentals, Vermillion Art Gallery and Bar, and Herkimer Coffee. 

All-ages! Pay-what-you-can ticketing. An intimate, up-close experience with some amazing talent in a beautiful setting!

Ticketing link:

Official website: 

Facebook page: 

Facebook Event Page:

Event location: All Pilgrims Christian Church (500 Broadway E, Seattle, WA 98102) 

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