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Stream & Purchase "POWER" album by Seratones [Rock]

released August 23, 2019

AJ Haynes - Vocals, Guitar
Adam Davis - Bass, Backup Vocals
Jesse Gabriel - Drums, Percussion, Vibraphone, Backup Vocals
Tyran Coker - Keyboard, Piano, Synth, Guitar, Backup Vocals
Travis Stewart - Guitar, Backup Vocals
Matt Combs - Strings
Produced by Bradley Shultz - A Small House Production
Additional Production on “Crossfire” by Chris Sunday
Recorded by Jeremy Ferguson at Battle Tapes Recording, Nashville, TN
Mixed by Claudius Mittendorfer
Mastered by Adam Grover at Sterling, Nashville, TN

A&R: Kim Buie & Chris Sunday
Management: Kim Ross at Quartz Management
Booking: Matt Hickey at High Road Touring & Alex Bruford at ATC Live
Stylist: Annika White
Design & Layout: Matt Etgen and Nate Treme
We are beyond grateful for Kim Ross, Elizabeth Gregory, Matt Hickey, Alex Bruford, Jason Klein & Fender, C&C Drums & Bill and Jacob Cardwell, Shreveport Music Co, Lottie Haynes, Hope Medical Group, Todd & Adrienne Gabriel, Lewis Pesacov, Jesse Phillips, Jeremy Ferguson & Bear Ferguson, Kim Buie, John Allen & our New West Records Family. Special thanks to Chris Sunday and Brad Schultz, we love you dudes. Most importantly we want to express our gratitude to our extended family--our fans. We couldn't do this without your continued Love and support.



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