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Real Shyt A Review By Jhantu Randall

        I was recently sent a link to a song by a group Ive never heard of but truth be told I enjoy hearing things I’d probably pass over initially. With that being said I was introduced to MXNXPXLY FAMILY presents M.O.U.F X John Jigg$ X Rockwelz - REAL SHYT, which had a video that was put together by Gold House Filmz.

The opening of the video starts with 2 men sitting in a car making calls informing everyone that there’s a show tonight and to be ready around 10 o’clock. The beat is club sound but something in it has an intoxicating quality to it, now its up to the rappers to do it justice. With the chorus “I’ll be talking that real shyt, you be talking that nonsense” I had an idea of where this was going to go. Now the misconception with hiphop is that everything has to be deep or flagrant on the surface, I tend to think that to truly appreciate the art I want to hear stories and experiences, so songs like this are always welcomed as long as there’s something different behind it. Something that makes it stand out. 

Between shots of them all partying in a hotel room to shots of them performing in front of a crowd I found myself bobbing my head along to their words more so than the beat initially. Im not sure of the artists name but the second one who jumps in has a flow that my ears love. That effortless spit that conveys everything while at the same time forces the beat to keep up. The last on the track is a great anchor as his flow switches up a few times but hammers home what the first 2 were spitting.

Overall I liked this track as I felt what each of them were saying and after listening to it a few times it left me wanting to hear more of what they had to say. You definitely feel the hunger but its presented in a way that you can party and have a good time as well. To borrow a phrase from them, “I’m talking that real shit,” as a listener I don’t have time for any nonsense.



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