Did You Even Know There is a Pasadena Music Scene TV Show???

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Did you even know there was a complete full season TV Show about Pasadena, California's local, native music scene? If not, that might be reflective of just how much the local government DOES NOT support it's local arts. So much for shopping local, eh?

Anyhoo, there is, in fact, a complete 10-Episode Season of the 'Pasadena Music Scene' TV Show. It was a show produced by Mistah Wilson of ThaWilsonBlock Magazine. It was a creative side project he put together while interning at Pasadena Media. 

The shows consist of raw, actual footage of local artists FROM Pasadena, California. A lot of the footage features rap freestyles, bagpipe performances, showcases & events, and visual interviews. It may not have been produced for syndicated entertainment, but it is a living documentary of local musicians from the great city of Pasadena, California. 

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