GALLERY: The Story behind Mistah Wilson's "Central District via 23rd Avenue" Collection of Conceptual Street Sign Photography

I took this walk in the Summer of 2017. After moving to Seattle, I was desperate to build my street sign collection. I was just anxious to see it done. Unfortunately, I didn't have the appropriate tools to manufacture the watermark & filtering process. Oh, trust & believe it's actual work involved. Formatting and all. And when you go on long-distant walks like I do, there could by quite a few images to go through.

I started out on 23rd and Jackson. I parked my car near Starbucks and snapped photos of the intersection. It should be noted that I didn't really plan to go as far as I did. But, I would only discover this determination once I made it passed Union Street. After passing 23rd & Union, I felt good about going even further. I mean, I wanted to be able to say that I got as many as I did.

Working in Seattle, I would sometimes take 23rd into the U-District. So, I knew how far I was willing to go. Once I passed Aloha, I knew the walk was nearing the end. And, of course, once I reached the end, I had a nice walk back. It didn't make much sense for me to take more pictures but I decided to take 24th Avenue on the way back. I didn't get many more street signs, but I did enjoy the walk through the neighborhood.

On this walk, I snapped well over 100+ shots of street signs. I just knew it was going to be a healthy collection. What was suppose to be brought to you months ago, I am still pleased to present... My "Central District via 23rd Avenue" (Seattle, WA) Collection of Conceptual Street Sign Photographs. I hope you enjoy them as much I do!

If you want any of these photos on a T-Shirt, Poster, or any other miscellaneous item, Please call (626)817-6978. The watermark will be removed :)

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