Ed Sheeran's $213.9 million grossing 2018 tour breaks records

If you're feeling just a little bit nostalgic for all those unnecessary news stories earlier in the year confirming that your main man Eddy Sheeran was the most successful recording artist in the world in 2017, then sit down and get ready to digest, dissect, analyse and enjoy this unnecessary confirmation that your dominant dude Eddy Sheeran is the most successful touring artist in the world in 2018.

US live industry trade magazine Pollstar has just published its mid-year touring report, packed full of data about ticket sales and box office income from the biggest touring acts of the year so far. And, somewhat unsurprisingly, Sheeran - along with his trusty guitar and box of pedals - tops the chart with gross income for his touring activity in the first half of the year reported at $213.9 million.

That's $100 million more than...

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