Supporting Local Artists: TANI + Midnight Sailor + Pasadena Music Scene + Dejuan Elliott + more...

Supporting Local Artists is a segment on WilsonBlock100 Radio where Mistah Wilson discusses 10 topics from Every post on our blog gets published in ThaWilsonBlock Magazine on the 10th of every month. This segment was created so that our YouTube audience can experience ThaWilsonBlock Magazine. 


  1. Did You Even Know There is a Pasadena Music Scene TV Show???
  2. There is only 1 Blockbuster Store Left in the USA?
  3. How YouTube is Addressing Excessive Plagiarism
  4. A Lesson in Humble Leadership
  5. Jay-Z & Beyonce's COMBINED Net Worth Is Now Over $1 BILLION
  6. EVENT: 7/21/18 Los Angeles Live Score Film Festival (Proudly sponsored by ASCAP)
  7. Watch “Lovin’ U” (Music Video) by TANI
  8. "If It Wasn't for Bad Luck" by Midnight Sailor written by Kevin M. Berthiaume (Into The Sunset)
  9. Dujuan Elliott feat. Tani - "Don't Wanna" (Music Video)
  10. "Pull Up" by Nine (Official Music Video) [produced by the Snowgoons]

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