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Mix : DJ Ian Head Presents De La Soul Dedication Mix


Here is a mix done by DJ Ian Head dedicated to the group De La Soul and Trugoy the Dove (RIP). 

"Rest in Peace and Power Dave Trugoy the Dove Plug 2. An absolute tragic loss that I'm still in shock over. Sending love and support to his family and friends, and of course all the other fans like myself who literally grew up on De La Soul and Dave's voice and artistry. De La Soul is not dead however. Everyone should go out and buy and support their music when it starts streaming and becoming available for purchase in early March!

This is a mix I made last Friday evening of some of my favorite De La records and samples, with a focus on Plug 2's mastery of the written and spoken word. All vinyl except for one obscure guest spot that I love which he did with Moka Only awhile back. Salute to one of the absolute best groups and emcees EVER." - DJ Ian Head




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