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Sunday Replay: Entrepreneurship, Empowerment, and Lightning Strikes

Want to have an impact? Want to feel inspired? This week’s The Quinn Spinn Sunday Replay has everything you need!

Our recent conversations with Keith Evan Gay, Adam Arnold (a.k.a. Scotty Rock), and Sacha Walton of SWI Management Group will give you all the motivation you need to start a new week strong.

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Keith Evan Gay (KEG Country) tells us about finding inspiration to pursue music again after a battle with rheumatoid arthritis and (literally) getting struck by lightning.

Sacha Walton joined The Quinn Spinn with so many valuable insights musicians looking to turn their passions into careers.

In this clip from The Quinn Spinn, Adam Arnold (a.k.a. Scotty Rock) shares how growing up with Tourette Syndrome and learning disabilities helps him impact those who face similar challenges.



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