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DJ RONSHA & G-ZON - Ronsha Mix #296 (New Hip-Hop Boom Bap Only)

DJ RONSHA & G-ZON - Ronsha Mix #BoomBapShow #296 [New Season]#BrandNew RONSHA MIX N°296 [New Season] #BoomBapShow supported by Zac Ivie / Masta Ace (eMC) / Spittzwell / 4IZE / O.C. (D.I.T.C) / Sixman / Billy NoJokes / D.Rightway / Hell Razah / BoFaatBeatz / Enels (Grimewav) / Buddy Leezle / Clever 1 (Da Buze Bruvaz) / Kingdom Kome / Onaje Jordan / Planet Asia (Gold Chain Music) / K.Burns / Emskee (The Good People) / Bobby J From Rockaway / 8ch2Owens (Native Slang) / Tone Spliff / Mickey Diamond / Tali Rodriguez / P-Ro / Chuck Chan / Maze Overlay / Jay Royale / Rome Streetz / D-Styles (The Beat Junkies) / Substance810 / Jamil Honesty / The Bad Seed / Ruste Juxx, and more...

1- DJ D-Syde "Ronsha Mix Boom Bap Show Intro"
2- Billy NoJokes x Admiral Atlas "Belligerent"
3- Emskee x Milkcrate "Off And On"
4- Bobby J From Rockaway x J57 "From The Jump (Milkcrate Remix)"
5- Four Elements, Beyond & Freak Tha Monsta "New York Gritty" (feat. Shy The BeatYoda)
6- BigBob & Ruste Juxx "Liquify" [Cuts by DCypha]
7- Ricks 73 "Marble Floors" (feat. Mickey Diamond)
8- Zac Ivie x Seth Steelo "Take Time" (feat. Masta Ace)
9- Skyzoo x The Other Guys "Eminent Domain"
10- Efeks x The Strange Neighbour "Its Only Right"
11- Mic Sessionz "And The Show Goes On"
12- Native Slang (8ch2Owens & Ekym1536) x Mute Speaker "Bells & Whistles" (feat. Tone Spliff)
13- Kingdom Kome x Onaje Jordan "4AM In Cabo" [Cuts by DJ RUEN]
14- P-Ro x Chuck Chan "Scribble Game" (feat. Tali Rodriguez)
15- Skipp Whitman & Spittzwell "Introverted" (feat. Jarren Benton & 4IZE)
16- Substance810 x D-Styles "Don't Make Me Laugh" (feat. Maze Overlay)
17- Ricks 73 "Omertà" (feat. Apathy & O.C.)
18- Outerspace x MTK "Pay Homage"
19- P-Ro x Chuck Chan "The Desk"
20- Hus Kingpin x Macapella "Dark Poetry"
21- The Alumni Association x BoFaatBeatz "Enter The Zone" (feat. Hell Razah & Kinetic 9)
22- Enels x Hanzo Bladez "Underground" (feat. Slaine)
23- The Bad Seed x Murda Megz "Lawn Furniture"
24- Brainorchestra "Sequence"
25- Sime Gezus aka Pete Pluto x IllinFormed "Kyrie"
26- Ja'king The Divine x Jamil Honesty "Diamond Labyrinth"
27- Buddy Leezle x Ruler Why "Never Sad" (feat. Clever 1)
28- Gold Chain Music "Hand Crafted" (feat. Planet Asia, YaH-Ra & K.Burns)
29- Will4Prez x Hobgoblin "Always Us"
30- Oppenheimer (of Widowmaker) "Laurels" (feat. Jay Royale, Rome Streetz & D-Styles)
31- Flee Lord x Abat But Lbag "45 In My Pocket"
32- Enels "Ghost" (feat. Apathy & DJ Slipwax)
33- The Bad Seed x Nam Nitty "Top Shelf"
34- Sixman x Lim0 "Common Lineage" (feat. Aphro)
35- Isaac Castor x Foul Mouth "Eye See"
36- Money Stacks x ThisIsHipHopp "Streets Is Missing You" (feat. K.Burns)
37- D.Rightway, Mitchel Drickx & YungK.O. "She Said He Said"



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