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Inside the New Mercedes-AMG S63


Meet the most powerful S-Class ever - the all-new Mercedes-AMG S63 E Performance!

It’s the AMG version of Mercedes’s most luxurious limo, and it arrives with a whole load of upgrades over the standard S-Class! 

So, let’s see what’s different. Starting with the design, there are a number of exterior changes to the regular car. Up front, the S63 comes equipped with an AMG grille (a first time for the S-Class) along with some bigger air intakes and carbon trim. Along the side, there are side skirts along with top-of-the-range forged wheels, and around the back, you’ll find quad tailpipes, a diffuser and some AMG badging. 

The changes don’t stop there, either! Step inside and the S63 is equipped with an AMG steering wheel, along with AMG badging throughout the cabin. The S63 also comes with a number of display updates, with AMG-specific dials available, along with performance and track pace data on the infotainment screen. The rest of the dash is also available in carbon fiber. 

The new S63 is the first available as a hybrid, and as a result, it delivers some serious power! Not only is it equipped with a 4-litre twin-turbo V8, but there’s an electric motor mounted to the rear axle! They work together to put down an eye-watering 802hp and 1,430Nm! This is enough to propel the S63 to 60mph in just 3.3 seconds! 

We don’t have the price yet, but you can bet it’ll be pricey! The question is, how much would you be willing to pay for one? Let us know in the comments!

Need new music to listen to in your new ride? Then we have the playlist for you!




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