Opinion: Hip Hop Is Rooted In A Lack Of Knowledge

To be Hip Hop is to be rooted in a lack of knowledge. Because as children of God, we come to understand who all tha glory belongs to. But, instead, we chant tha devil's sermon...all in tha name of culture, entertainment, money, and idol worship.

It is important to know that not only is this great sin, but God sincerely hates these things.

Just because you're part of an ethnic culture doesn't mean you should settle for any of it's pagan traditions. That's why salvation of our souls was made available for all thru tha righteous death of Jesus Christ in tha New Testament. So, that we may come out of her! You MUST understand that tha devil has a stronghold on these cultures simply because they do not fear or worship tha one true God. And anything not of God IS of tha devil and until you accept that, you'll forever be susceptible to these deceptions. 

Am I really going to deny 2+2=4 just because 'I don't want to' believe that? Get over yourself.

How is it that tha strongest, most intelligent people in my community defend their right to be wrong!? How is this!?

Just admit it, we're adults who still enjoy childish things. But, even in tha natural world, that'll get us hurt. The only thing we retain from our childhood is our innocence, and that, too is taken when we ignore our conscience mind. When we straggle from tha trail leading up to tha narrow path. When we ignore tha obvious revelations of grace in our lives.

But, since you may never get it, it's gonna take someone like me. To sacrifice my own ego, my pride, my identity, for tha sake of others. Because to not do it would be irresponsible. To know I will inherit a kingdom while my brothers and sisters rot in hell should never sit well with any person who claims to have love in their heart for anything or anybody. For God has already told us that it isn't in His will that any of us should perish.

Imagine if members of your own body didn't follow tha law. How would you even be able to function let alone survive? This is why we, as humans, have no excuse. We have far too much evidence of our significant purpose to act as if we don't know what we're really doing here. Buying into this notion that we can waste our lives away subscribing to false knowledge and aimless pursuits out of sheer "right".

If one doesn't believe in tha one, true, and living God, then how could you possibly have sound moral judgment? To even be able to have an opinion on what is good and what is bad? How?

These are fundamental truths that dart straight thru all tha political rhetoric concerning religion. I've learned enough to know when someone is being truthful. I am able to tell if someone has true knowledge, and I'm not just speaking of mere human skill.

I'm not here to force you to 'do' anything. I promise you that. I'm here to force you to 'see', that you do, in fact, have a choice to make between God and tha devil. And regardless of how you feel about it, none of us are exempt from this reality.

Always remember, you can lie to me. But, will you really lie to yourself? If so, my point is reinforced either way. 

If fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, then who here claims to have wisdom that has not alluded to Christ as King?

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