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Stream & Purchase "Black Gold Instrumentals" album by Tom Caruana (Hip Hop)

here's a list of all the samples from the main version of the album:

Intro - Captain Coconut & Hush Now (with Curtis Knight)
House of Flying Daggers - Pali Gap
When The Fat Lady Sings - If 6 Was 9
Last Call - Jazz Jimi Jazz
Holla - Hush Now (with Curtis Knight)
The Wind Cries - The Wind Cries Mary (original and versions by Francis Lockwood, Giles Naturel & Peter Gritz)
PLO Style - Long Hot Summer & Mannish Boy
10 Bricks - Somewhere
The Experience - 51st Anniversary & Love Or Confusion
Live Today - I Don't Live Today (various versions)
Hey Joe - Hey Joe (various versions)
Tooken Back - Angel
Its Not A Game - Electric Ladyland Jam
Vibrations - Blue Window Jam, Message To Love, Castles Made of Sand, Captain Coconut, She's a Fox (with Lonnie Youngblood), 3rd Stone From The Sun (The String Quartet), Messenger, I Don't Know What You Got But Its Got Me (with Little Richard)
Dirty Fox - Foxy Lady (The Forum, LA, April 26th, 1969) Rainy Day Dream Away, Happy Birthday, Foxy Lady (vocals from original & live recordings) & Foxy Lady (The String Quartet)
Street Rap - Power of Soul/Love, In From The Storm & Lower Alcatraz
Kiss The Sky - Villanova Junction Blues
Somethings Gotz To Give - Voodoo Chile / Cherokee Mist demo
I Can't Wait - Up From Skies
Whats Happening - Crosstown Traffic (instrumental mix)
KFF200 - Jazz Jimi Jazz
Burning The Midnight Lamp - The Burning of the Midnight Lamp (original & live versions)
Special Delivery - Bleeding Heart
The Hood - New Rising Sun
released May 24, 2017

Produced by Tom Caruana




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