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Read "Fractured Take" poem by Jhantu Randall

I'm caught in a crowd that gathers in the streets
A fiery passion with the people and their assembly
Its about to go down
Somebody kicks it off and this place could burn to the ground

Theres a sound that vibrates from a converted military truck 
Guns locked and loaded, pointed at us 
Welcome to the land of the free
Where they fuck the population and expect them to take it passively 
Suspicious of everyone, must see that ID
A particular group, overweight rocking fatigues 
Yell threats at the descendants of original men and execute them frequently

I'm afraid to be 
The threat of assault is the price I pay every second I breathe 
Those thoughts exist in my head 
I see it play out daily 
It's gone far beyond the words they used to say to me 

Its 2019 and jim Crow is desperate to return
Allowing it as a society so we can convince the dimwitted that the books should just burn



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