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Read "Seize The Enemy" poem by Jhantu Randall

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They tell me to ignore division
A policy being pushed by an unstable mans decisions
Pushed into a prism of us vs them
Openly targeting those who posses melanin
Somebody wake me from this spell
Smearing us all as they search for eternal life like they found in Henrietta lacks cells
Like Kendrick Johnson it's like our organs are gone
Somehow the victim is always at fault

Let me breathe, although I'm surrounded by weak people who openly want to hurt any unique thing they see
Poisoned by toxic seas
Dumped by soulless companies who embrace the love of profiting
There's a market for human misery
Monetized by psychopaths who posses no empathy
It's like being pushed to the limit endlessly
Forced to dance like a circus freak just to prove my humanity
I'm done with tired tales from bygone centuries
Let the empty vessels burn in eternal fires as they envy me
True shots aimed at a system who automatically frames me as an enemy



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