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Meet Hip Hop Musician "Small Hands" from Longmont, Colorado

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Originally from Denver, Colorado, Richie Wallace AKA Small Hands immediately fell in love with Hip Hop back in the early 80’s. “Hip Hop was the only music that piqued my interest”. During his school years Hands became consumed with writing, specifically with poetry. He attributes Naughty by Nature, specifically the style, flow, and deliverance of Treach to his birth of creating rhymes and raps in 1993. It wasn’t until the late 90’s that Hands decided to invest in writing and recording music for the world to listen, become familiar, take note, and become fans! In the beginning of 2000 Hands began to perform locally in the Denver scene. It was after his very first performance that he declared to develop his passion and love of music and Hip-Hop into a career. Hands joined a four-man crew/group that released several Indie albums between 2000-2006. During that period Hands toured Denver in its entirety. Between touring and listening to the music of Atmosphere and Eyedea there was a new feeling and emotion that ignited a driving force to move forward and focus on a solo career. He released his debut Indie album and continued to tour, this time as a solo artist across the states along-side live bands. It was evident with his striking, unique voice intertwined with his word choice, style, and introspective, profound messages that Hands solo career gained instant momentum. In 2009 he released his sophomore album “A Week and 27 Records”, and went on to release hit singles such as “This is Our Colorado”. His hard work led to the success of being signed to Colorado’s independent label, Universal Language Entertainment, distinguished member and active emcee of Grind Mode Cypher, and countless media publications, appearances, and international radio exposure. Hands credits Wu-Tang, Eyedea, MF Doom, Atmosphere, and Brother Ali as well as Hunter S. Thompson, Mitch Hedberg, and Bob Ross as both influences and musical inspirations that keep him grounded, focused, and motivated. Throughout his career he has shared stages and arenas with Kool Keith, Abstract Rude, and Afu-Ra just to name a few. Hands most recent hit single, “Together” is currently making waves. To date, a solo Small Hands album is on the works, as well as a 21-track group album with the rest of the artists on Universal Language Entertainment.



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