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Stream & Purchase "Storybook" album by Finisterre (Rock)

Finisterre is one of the most interesting bands to have emerged from the international progressive rock scene in recent years. Drawing on the rich legacy of landmark 1970s Italian prog pioneers, Finisterre is a band that's always keen to experiment -- exploring many different musical directions -- while still managing to have established and maintain a unique and recognizable identity. Storybook documents Finisterre's first American concert, in the Summer of 1997, at Progfest. The music on their MoonJune debut is as adventurous and gripping as we've been led to expect from the band. The repertoire consists of often-extended versions of compositions from their first two well-received studio albums, "Finisterre" and "In Limine", plus a superb cover of PFM's anthem "Altaloma". This is one adventurous disc that will appeal to all progressive music fans, dynamically capturing the excitement of that unforgettable evening.



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