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It’s raining, mother Earth waters the forest
I say this alluding to the scenery put before us
Take in every image in its purest essence
Enjoy every breathing moment for its many blessings

The populace has become wild and rowdy
The environment reflected in the moods, staying cloudy
It’s as if daily there is too much pain
Suffering and “Sin”
Together we strive to survive
Staying on our regimen

Playing like pawns in a game, forced to remain in position
Ambition, sacrifice and sweat perpetually clouding a vision
Looking at the gains while simultaneously tallying the loss’
At times, the journey thus far has been quite costly

Witnessing an unfolding of rather grim times
The most dangerous weapon is a pure heart combined with a calm mind
The reasons for these things seem to always remain hidden
Left with only crude responses that sounds incoherently written
Always up for suspicion

Ending this with a loving loneliness lost among the masses
Finding a revolutionary beauty in the midst of the havoc
Reconnecting with my soul as the world continues to turn
Ready for anything as we witness modern day Rome increasingly burn

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