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Dear dark merciful night,
Please shroud in the protection of your vast cloak
Shield me from those who preach false hope
But Dear Night,
Guide me through the valley of decision cursed with the pain of sight

Through recent events, it’s taking more to see this reality as a gift
Reveling in the idea that fate itself can be hit or miss
In search of the energy to continue on the path
A path thats paved with the shattered dreams of every broken souls past

Interviewing with a vampire that chases the easy things
Freed from these restraints that once confined my very being
No longer able to bear any sense of captivity
But at times, still too timid to test that which is truly limiting

Night, your voice is haunting as it hangs subtly
Its whispers are communicated through the rustling of leaves
I hear the advice in depth drawn from vastness
That spins tales of cosmic dances
All along, amplifying nature’s rhythmic beats
Creating soundtracks to stories built on wicked deeds
Deceptive practices, shady happenings
Done by those who punish
Who themselves are guilty of being imprisoned by greed

So for that I repent for the good of what lies ahead
The Spirits of teachers block the trauma of places demons have fed
The walls that were built long ago are being exposed
Had to walk with you in darkness to even sense light, or even know
Dear Night, I give this picture using a poetic flow

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