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"XXI GOLD" Album Review written by Natalee Gilbert

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Dimmed lights, head thumping music & liquor that seems to be pouring from the ceiling are the components of a lively party but what happens when it starts to consume your reality on a daily basis? Luckily, XXI Gold gives you the answers and more in his new album “XXI Gold”.

He gets deep and personal about his own battles and also helps the listener envision the different situations that happen during a youthful night of partying which mostly contains high energy and (sometimes) off-the-rail antics.

XXI Gold starts off with Therapy, where the beat contains a range of triple stacked synths, modern snaps and an indescribable hum that seems to gravitate towards your cerebral cortex. In this track, XXI Gold refers to the liquor and the drugs as a “she” that he just can’t get enough of. “She” has become so addicting to him that he can’t seem to get enough as he relates the after-affect of these two components as his “therapy”… after all XXI Gold is battling with some demons so this is his way to fight them off.

As Therapyslowly fades out, the second track Goldensets the perfect mood for a high strung lust that seems to pulls him and a seductive woman to the bathroom due to the “gold chains, gold teeth, gold chains and gold drinks”. The beat itself is pulsating, mixing a bit of electronic dance and rap. As he spits about being in the heat of the moment, the listener too can reminisce about their own wild nights when they hooked up with another.

“We sip slow, we drive fast, we pray to god we never crash,” that’s what 1977 splurges in your ear strings in the first few bars. Built up over some trancy piano keys and spiraling synths and soft beaten drums, 1977 speaks on how booze and kush makes him feel alive and warm inside. He speaks as if he is driving with these things in his system, but don’t mistake it as something he does (XXI Gold is just describing this experience from the perspective of someone who’s under the influence and is crushing on the road.)

Drunk Sex is narrated in the perspective of two drunk people who are about to turn the lights down and get between the sheets in the midst of the party going on. “We became slaves to a bone that’s right,” is one of the lines that XXI smoothly lays on the track as the sultry, zooning beat and echoes of a hazy lady saying “Drunk Sex”, backdrops. He speaks once again on an important issue about intoxication and sex while he also speaks on what he is dealing with.

Coupled with smoothness hazy speech and once again triple stacked synths, California Dreamin’ takes the listener to the sunny state that’s filled with a lavish of dining, kicking back and lovely ladies.

As quoted by Xavier in P.I.F.F. Magazine, “In its own unique way, it pays tribute to the fallen legends and makes you feel like Cali is the best place to be in the entire world.” XXI Gold is in fact backing it up by speaking on his own experience. He’s living his best life and he’s not afraid to speak on it.

Placing as the 6th track, SHE speaks about how this lady only “wants him just to f*ck him” and now he’s grateful. XXI Gold uses a good amount of robotic tone and auto tune that keeps the listeners blood flowing. He also induces exuberance a twist of snares, drums and 808s to keep it even more interesting.

Diamondsthen splashes in the mix, gravitating the listener with tranquility and lucidness. As XXI Gold goes bar for bar with himself at a fast pace, he partners up with a female that has a soft, melodic. What XXI Gold talks about in most of the song is about being carefree and enjoying what life has to offer.

Closing out XXI GOLD, Keep the HighsLow turns things up once again and adds the sweet touch to a memorable ending. XXI Gold is assisted by hypotonic droned voices as he talks about a women that has him stuck in love with the Saturday night clutched to his being. From the line “Fuck love when you get this high. In your eyes I touch your eyes” you can tell that he’s living his nights like it’s his last and he’s not ashamed of having a little fun, of being himself.

To conclude, XXI GOLD is an album that knows how to keep one on its toes with its upbeat and hypnotic production. A storyteller in the MC form, XXI Gold is able to let others picture his words and because of that…notoriety is in his reach.

Just remember you only live one life.

By: Natalee Gilbert



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