Listen to "The Ugly Truth LP" album by Dragonspit Jones on Bandcamp

"I do music that I would like to hear, hoping that the listeners will appreciate it also. Big up to my Better Beat Bureau fam (Disko Dave, Ologist, Vex, KnowTalent, etc) and my secret weapons in the DMV(703), V Sharp and Dublohskytzo. R.I.P. to Drake Goodrich aka Factz Costeaux who is featured on "Braggadocious" and "Get Involved". You still live as long as your voice can be heard. R.I.P. to Kleph Dollaz also. p.s. I got that beat cd you sent me from the other side. Last, but not least, thanks to the Most High God for giving me the resources and the ability to create music. It's a blessing to be able to creatively express your feelings, whether people like them or not. If you're one of those who like it, please share it on your social networks....bump it at the car wash.....favorite it on your playlists, etc. If you heard The Back On The Map LP, you already know what it is."

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