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Life is a series of up’s and downs
I often wonder if anyone ever figures it out?
Moving within a system thats built off of lies sold through commerce
Framing your discussion before you even begin to converse
I see the whole world fighting to survive
Swimming harder to keep my head above water
Just to stand seemly unharmed if the currents should cause me to momentarily falter

Then on somedays, it all seems to change
Looking for a rationale in the midst of feeling insane
Put yourself in a position to move the pieces and decipher the game
Push all the stresses into the midnight air and watch the breeze carry it away

Be ready for an oncoming wave that emerges when all around you appears tame
Don’t succumb to the noise thats projected through everyones collective screams
Pay attention to the signs not just the big moments 
Surrounded by utter disaster always reveals a sense of atonement 
Tap in when the frequency feels lively
In this life, we all hope to strike with the force of lightning
Listen to your own voice and choose your path wisely

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