Mistah Wilson Announces 22mile Walk in Seattle, Washington!!!

If fulfilling his One-Million foot commitment in 2015 wasn't enough, Mistah Wilson had to climb his happy striding ass 1,100+ miles up tha Coast to Seattle just to walk 22 miles through it. As crazy as it sounds, that's exactly what he's going to do. But, this time, he's providing a little bit more clarity to the purpose of these events.

Through these extreme-distance walks for causes & charity, Mistah Wilson has experienced new
discoveries. Discoveries that would compliment his ambition for local arts. His undying drive to make a difference in the World has been proven over again. And now, he's about to literally walk from Shoreline Community College to the very end of Rainier Avenue in Renton, WA.

With very little prep time, Mistah Wilson is embarking on a 22mile journey straight through Seattle, Washington. And he has every intention on adding to his fast-growing conceptual street sign photography collection.

The purpose of this walk is to exemplify "Provision" over our own lives. Mistah Wilson moved himself and his entire business from Los Angeles to Seattle at his own discretion. This move was an example of having "Provision" over his own life. And that is the message that he wants to send his peers, former foster family, and artists like himself.

To contact Mistah Wilson, give him a call (626)817-6978 or Email him here.

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