Article: Power & Passion by Jhantu Randall

From the first moment I heard those high energy rhymes accompanied by a hypnotizing melody, I knew I was hearing something that was truly unique. A mix of Tech N9ne with the passion of 2pac and the sensuality of Sade isn’t a blend you'd automatically think would work, but if there is any doubt, the music of Tazz Jones and Fasa Labree will definitely make you contemplate and re-evaluate all that you thought.

The combination of all these elements causes these two shine a bit brighter when they’re elevated on the stage. This drive comes from both of their upbringings, Tazz Jones grew up in Baltimore, Maryland where he was the oldest of 10 kids. His journey into hip hop began when he entered the game as a dancer. He entered an after school program named “The Arena Playhouse” which put on musicals and other productions ranging from ballet and jazz to hip hop. During this time, he was blessed to write and perform his own play which he also wrote the songs for. At the age of 17, Tazz moved from Baltimore to Long Island New York to pursue music. Gaining experience from all the boroughs, the infamous Queens bridge to White Plains in the Bronx, Crown Heights to Brooklyn, in fact the only place in New York that he didn't reside was Staten Island, that’s right, the Shaolin. He and his brother signed to a production company where they wrote the songs and the 2 other members made the beats for it under the name “The Drummah Boys.” Some of the national artists Tazz wrote for include Rihanna, Lil Wayne and Ricky Martin, unfortunately industry politics kicked in as the artists liked the songs but they were never released to the public. Soon after, there was some disagreements behind the scenes and the label let them go, but the experience of that time helped shape what we see now. Branding himself as Yahhh music, Yielding All Hungry Hating Ho’s is not only its acronym but a philosophy behind his songs. “I’m all about spreading positivity so keep the hating energy over there.”

Through his music he explains his struggle and his progression, from his time in New York where he had a child to his journey to the Evergreen state.

Next, I interviewed the other half of this duo, the immensely talented, Fasa Labree. Her tone and sound is literally out of another time and when she sings, she has the ability to transport you to that era. Holding a strong and somewhat understated confidence, from the first sight you just know this woman is someone to be reckoned with. Hailing from Minnesota, Fasa Labree grew up singing in the church which she attended with her grandma. Music has always been a huge force in her life, joining the church choir at the tender age of 4, this is where she slowly began to hone her skills. The hymns her voice and the church her home. She always performed at a variety of events, from singing the National anthem at her high school to participating in an event called Johnson Idol where she took second place but still expressing herself through music. At the age of 17, Fasa enlisted in the army for 6 years in service to her country where she was a unit supply specialist, but singing was always in her blood. She even gained recognition for singing the National Anthem at a change of command ceremony. Before her deployment to Dubai, she found out she was pregnant with one of her children so she was sent to Washington for duty station. She enjoyed her time in the military but stated, “When I joined, more so when I got out, there was a lot of strange stuff happening in the military, so I’m happy I got out when I did.”

Hearing this part of Fasa’s story was fascinating and honestly I had so many more questions I wanted to ask her about this time in her life, but I only had them for a short amount of time so we shifted the conversation to how she came to pursue music and how she linked up with Tazz. She began writing her own lyrics by writing poetry which I find is the common factor that links all artists together. Everyone I’ve met has said something along the lines of I was always writing to express myself, the only thing that varied was the age in which it began.

Both Tazz and Fasa refuse the practice of confining yourself to one specific genre, which if we’re being honest, a lot of people of color tend to do. But like Fasa says, “If it sounds good, it sounds good. There’s no other way around that.”

Together they're working on an album together entitled “Conquer” with one single being “Poppin” and “There is a Vibe” which is a refreshing update to Common’s classic “The Light”

In this writers opinion, they just might have a classic under their belt with this rendition, it just needs to come across the right ears to truly appreciate what they did with this gem. On this album, she divulged that there are some tracks where she is rapping and he is singing which sparks my interest even more as I anticipate its release in either November, December, or right around New Years. Around that same time they should have the studio they're building up and running as well. With their own studio, they give themselves complete control over creativity, release dates and video production as they shoot and edit their own music videos. Tazz has a previous album out called “Game of Jones” which is just him spitting to others beats which is a throwback to the real mixtape grind of the late 90’s and early 2000’s. This independent grind has him dropping another mixtape called “The Bones of Makavelli” where he is remixing a bunch of classic 2pac tracks which is a daunting task in itself. But if anyone has the fortitude to pull this off, its Tazz. To hear their work check out Mufasa_labree on Instagram, Naushiana Labree on Facebook, Yaahboii253 on Instagram and you can find Tazz Jones on Spotify, CD baby and Google Play.

I asked them about how this powerhouse partnership came together, they met at Lady Luck’s in Parkland. Tazz had just finished performing on stage when Fasa Labree walked in catching his eye instantly. From that first conversation, they were set on this path of success. Not only are they business partners and an amazing performing duo, but they are also engaged!

As we all said our goodbyes, I noticed the love they have for themselves and their children, who are two of the biggest and most positive dreamers I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. That’s when it all made sense, with a bond this strong there’s nothing they can’t achieve together. If only more couples in this world showed their genuine love and affection for others the way they do, this planet would be in a much better state than it currently is. Through their smiles, openness and willingness to talk unfiltered, you feel the energy, the power and the passion as they forge the next step on their path.

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