Listen to "High Tide" by Planetself featuring Yarah Bravo, Zion I, John Robinson & more... (((AUDIO)))

Dear music lover,

In times of high tide there is no compromise.

Producer Inkswel paints an ethereal backdrop of hope. Raw SP-404 grittiness meets the new filtered soul of the streaming generation, all dressed beautifully with the sultry vocal tones and introspective messages of the group's singer Charli Umami.

In the renaissance of neo soul music and left of field hip hop, Planetself endeavours to do something different, something strikingly familiar yet authentic. After the cult release of their independent 7" vinyl "Following The Sun", their new release, "High Tide", follows on Tokyo Dawn Records. Raw
messages of Love, Change, Evolution and The Environment are in focus, and our existence as spiritual beings having a physical experience.

Individually the members have left their mark in their own ways, so they have utilized their community to bring forward stellar collaborations from Yarah Bravo, Zion I, John Robinson aka Lil Sci, Blurum13, Pugs Atomz, N'fa Jones and DJ Applejac. They also enlist members of the local Austalian hip hop and soul fraternity Funkwig and Mista Monk.

Planetself will be on tour in the EU/UK Aug 20-Sep 20 playing at Hip Hop Kemp Festival Czech Republic and launching their "High Tide" release at The Gallery in London on Sep 13 with supports from Tokyo Dawn's very own LyricL.

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