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DJ Kay Slay Takes Action on Ignorance in Hip Hop

Hip-Hop veteran DJ Kay Slay is fed up with the ignorance of a younger generation of rappers, and he’s doing something about it.

The “Drama King” behind the magazine Straight Stuntin, is launching a new business venture to educate younger rappers.

According to Kay, he’s launching a brand new radio show called “What’s the Science,” that will focus on educating whoever wants to learn about the essence of Hip-Hop.

“Due to the lack of Knowledge in the Hip-Hop culture I’m starting a new show titled ‘What’s the Science’ dedicated to educating whoever would like to seek the knowledge of the essence of Hip-Hop,” DJ Kay Slay explained

“Each episode I will be sitting down with legendary MC’s/DJ’s/Break Dancers/Graffiti Artists/Producers and OG’s with Knowledge of Self.” DJ Kay Slay is more than qualified to tackle the sub...




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