Pasadena Hip Hop Pioneer 'Paco Swartz' talks Music, His Detroit Roots, and How He's Managed to Stay focused through Adversity...

Today's local music scene in Pasadena, California is alive and well. Mistah Wilson caught up with
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Pasadena Hip Hop pioneer Paco Swartz for an exclusive interview about Music, His Detroit Roots, and How He's Managed to Stay focused through Adversity. In this interview, Paco touches on how his spot was the 'dojo' for a lot of the Pasadena artists from his generation. Giving Glory to God for still being here, Swartz also speaks on growing up in Pasadena and attending Washington Middle School. Paco mentions the adverse conditions of students who attended Washington Middle School, or the "Thunder Dome" in comparison to schools in different districts who didn't have that obstacle.

Paco Swartz pays homage by crediting Pasadena rapper GrinCH for taking him under his wing and encouraging him to play sports as oppose to getting caught up with the streets. Paco reveals that he is "classically" trained in music when singing, arranging, and performing. He learned from popular opera singer Versie Mae Richardson who ran the Boys Choir at Alkebu-lan Cultural Center. Paco honors Versie Mae for being a great influence on his life.

Paco describes his work with Pasadena Vet G Laf on his latest project and how they go all the way back to the Boys Club. He also talks about working with artists like Mike Towns, S Claz, Black Santa, Hardway, Riko DENAro, Tone Grizzard, Harold Blu, and a whole lot more. Paco talks about how he and Pasadena artist Noy grew up in the same neighborhood and the latest update on "Da League", a group consisting of Paco Swartz, Ethan Avery, & 12 Sinatra.

What makes this interview special is the fact that Paco is a true product of Pasadena. Many Pasadena artists of today are people Paco went to school with. And a lot of them you actually see on the forefront of the scene.

In this exclusive interview with Paco Swartz, we drop
"Wake Up" by Paco Swartz ft. Tommy Bunnz
"Energy" by Paco Swartz"
"Can't Let Go" by Paco Swartz ft. Kampaign
"Shots Rang" by Paco Swartz

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