"New Balance" by Jhene Aiko (Song Review by Dominic Poole)

The Los Angeles native songbird, Jhene Aiko is back with some new sounds and a new song ready to make the fourth quarter of 2016 her very own reenactment of a Kobe Bryant (The Closer) statement. Aiko is very competitive for a female vocalist quoting her statement in 2014 saying she will kill off J. Cole with her lyrics, well there's only a few rules that apply for defeating a great lyricist, one is just make it look pretty, she has the looks alright, and she can back it up with her pen game. Better known for her smash breakout hit "The Worst" in 2014, Jhene released her latest song on YouTube this past August (2016) and has had a good response, ready to blow once again. As one of the most exclusive new artist Aiko's new song entitled "New Balance" is exuberating, compelling and true to self, which makes it worth the listen, along with her soulful arraignment of a soft piano and weary guitar, which she is best known for. Aiko's lyrics and voice are only getting better, making the lovers of her sound fall in love all over again, it seems as her music is a never ending story of her true emotions and feelings, making her listeners continue this journey as if they have sailed out to sea along side the beautiful, humbled, but witty songstress. The song opens with the soft keys of a piano, then you her the voice that stands out from the crowd of R&B song crooners singing "Most of us are angry, most of us are strangely more alike than we like to believe" and the melody continues in that fashion for four more bars. "Then there's you" she sings like an angel, and puts the swag on it when ever she feels its to soft for her male listeners, but let me be the first to say, I love it when you sing to me girl...lol...We all know who the song is about, it's a timeless ballad about how we all have our tendencies about who were in love with, and who she has in her corner, (Big Sean) that makes her feel brand new and complete. I think it's a song about her love interest, but only she can verify who that is so correct me if I'm wrong, cause if you still single and just writing songs that don't mean anything personal, then you good girl, Holla at ya’ boy...lol

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