Poet Usolosopher Exclusive Q&A about Social Issues, Polynesian Heritage, and What He Plans on Accomplishing through Poetry (Full Interview)

“Encourage the youth to pick up their pens and to tell their stories because everyone's story deserves to be heard.”


Mistah Wilson: Greetings, Usolosopher! Honored to have you here with us for this exclusive Q&A w/ ThaWilsonBlockMagazine! How ya’ been?
Usolosopher: I have been blessed to have made it this new year bro. It's an honor to be on ThaWilsonBlock once again. I just thank you bro for your endless support of my poetry. 

Mistah Wilson: No doubt! First off, we commend you for your hard work. Your consistency does not go unnoticed. You came out to The Element and The BringingItTogether Gold Carpet Photo Shoot in Pasadena, CA, and shared some poetry. What other cities have you managed to book performances at?
Usolosopher: I had my first ever book signing this past November in Montebello, CA at the Daily Brew Coffee Bar. I knew about that place because they have this open mic called Eastside Poetry hosted by Nicole Serrato who is a poet, model, and a great friend of mine. I have also been at multiple open mics in Long Beach, Whittier, Los Angeles, Inglewood, Sylmar, Hollywood, Compton, and Carson.

Mistah Wilson: We had the opportunity to see you perform as a featured artist at Shades of Afrika/ Griot Café in Long Beach, CA. You did awesome! How was the experience for you?
Usolosopher: The experience of my first feature at Shades of Afrika was exciting and nerve-racking because I didn't want to give a mediocre performance so I prayed to the Most High before I went up to do my feature. Yet, once I was up here, I can feel the energy of the people being so captivating and healing as I got relaxed later on into my feature. I loved it. Being at Shades of Afrika for the Griot Cafe is a great experience with great hospitality.

Mistah Wilson: How do you develop concepts and subject matter when writing new poems?
Usolosopher: The way that I develop the content and subject matter of my poems are of observation by looking at what I see every day by watching documentaries, listening to music, reading books, and also talk about things that people rarely talk about but in my own style and point of view.

Mistah Wilson: Let’s talk about your poetry book “Diary of a Mad Uso”. What led you to publish a book and what did it take to accomplish it?
Usolosopher: What led me to publish my book "The Diary of A Mad Uso" is that I wanted to leave a legacy for other Polynesian poets and writers. I wanted to break away from the stereotypes of Polynesians being just big, stupid, lazy, and can only make it in wrestling or football. I wanted to show the Polynesian youth that we are more than that and that the Most High blessed us all with talent and a purpose in this life. It took a lot of courage and inspiration to accomplish being a published author.

Mistah Wilson: What are some of your personal favorite poems in the book?
Usolosopher: Honestly fam, I love all the poems in the book because I felt that each poem is different in subject and captures the reader in different ways. Some of my favorite poems are Queen because women deserve to be treated better in this world having to suffer so much. I like the poem I wrote for my girlfriend Jolita, The Love of The Life in which I give simple metaphors with imagery to capture how I feel for her. My other favorite poem is If I Was President because I had this image of people of melanin coming together to overthrow the puppets and the shadow government in a fun way where Black, Mexican, and Samoan women walking around freely with their natural beauty, barbecue going on outside, me as the president and Jolita as my wife and first lady with the white house becoming the house of melanin with nothing but love.

Mistah Wilson: In your book, you discuss everything from social issues to Polynesian heritage. What overall message are you trying to send to your audience?
Usolosopher: The overall message that I am trying to send to my audience is that we need to be critical thinkers and to come as one of people of melanin by educating ourselves on who we truly are. The school system here isn't going to tell us that we once were of royalty who built majestic cities and pyramids, who navigated the seas, who were one with the Most High in our spirituality and why they don't want us to know about it and by occupying us with frivolous things to aid our destruction.

Mistah Wilson: We also hear you have a sequel to your book in the works. What insight can you give us on that potential project?
Usolosopher: The second book that I'm working on is called Usolosophy: Poetic Soulpieces. You inspired me with this title when we did the interview in Long Beach last year. This poetry will have more poems than the first one but also will have pictures in the book. Usolosophy: Poetic Soulpieces will be out in October or November of 2017.

Mistah Wilson: What do you plan on accomplishing with your poetry?
Usolosopher: What I plan on accomplishing with my poetry is to encourage the youth to pick up their pens and to tell their stories because everyone's story deserves to be heard. To also have places for kids to express themselves through poetry because poetry is a form of art and art can heal communities and people worldwide.

Mistah Wilson: Where can people keep up with you online?
Usolosopher: People can keep up with me online on Facebook at: my personal page: Molimau Andrew Fatu and my artist page: The Usolosopher Poet. Also visit my label Positive Soundz Entertainment page on Facebook. I have a Facebook page for my ALOFAS podcast where I interview people with audio or Facebook live. You can also catch me on Instagram at: usolosopher and my personal IG at: mauagelufatu. You guys can also listen to my poetry at Soundcloud and Reverb Nation under Usolosopher. Visit my official website www.usolosopher.weebly.com to contact me and follow up on upcoming poetry performances. Lastly, visit my label's website at www.positivesoundzentertainment.weebly.com if you want to be a part of the Positive Soundz team.

Mistah Wilson: Hey, Uso! It’s been awesome having you for this exclusive interview w/ ThaWilsonBlock Magazine. We are proud to have you a part of the movement and we look forward to supporting you in your future endeavors. If you have any shout outs, let’s hear em’…
Usolosopher: I would like to thank you bro for having me on the Wilson Block for this exclusive interview. I would to thank the Most High for the gift of poetry. I would love give thanks to my parents and family for their love and support. I will want to shout out by showing love once again to you brother, to the Wilson Block, True Spitters, Big Percy, Shy But Flyy, Complicated Passion, Felicia Cade, Paradise Lane, MC JC, Speech, Impacc, Jragonfly Jay, Nerd, Lovey Scott, Dwyane Green, Cheryl Williams, LBCC BSU, F.L.O.W. Poetry Club & Slam team, at Dominguez Hills, the Dominguez Hills BSU, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship at DH, my brothers and sisters in Baltimore, Whitney and her sister Brittney, Adam, Freedom, the whole island of Samoa, Long Beach, Ann Van Wellman, Melania Williams, October Blu, my bro A Kold Piece, and shout out to all of you who I couldn't name but you know I love you all and much love to my Ebony Queen Jolita for always being there for me to encourage me and continue to be supportive, loyal, and loving.

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