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  1. Apartment Jam
  2. The Meeting's in Session (feat. Bones & Souljah 100)
  3. Spread the Word
  4. 'til Your Eyes Roll Back (feat. Coco Avenue)
  5. 2-Hye to Miss the Moon
  6. It's Sealed (feat. Bing Bing)
  7. The Shoe Fits (feat. S.G, Mos Keys & Gabe Kessell)
  8. Inhale Exhale (feat. Mos Keys)
  9. Breather Break (Skit)
  10. 626-818-5150 (feat. Big-E & Patrick Antonian)
  11. An L.A. Second (feat. Laura Espitia)
  12. A Million and a Half (feat. Abo Yerkanyan)
  13. Amen           
It has really been a long time coming, reaching exactly a decade since the debut album. "A Little Past High" (2007), which was produced by Mason David Levy. That is the same producer who also produced the second album, "The Hye Way" (2009). It has been an even longer time coming, considering when 2-Hye met Darrell Lynn in 2003, mentoring the young artist's development through the various mix-tapes prior to the debut album, to fully producing the third album, "Love, Death, and Revolution" (2012). At this point, 2-Hye's younger cousin Jon Treble had developed the production and engineering skills to create the sound that truly complimented 2-Hye's style. For those who don't know, he composed the song "Feel Me" from "The Hye Way", which later lead to the creation of the fourth album, "Back 2-Hye School" (2013). Prior to participating in the Armenian Emcee Cypher of 2015, 2-Hye met Mos Keys and hit it off instantly. Both extremely talented individuals were excited to work together so Mos Keys provided 2-Hye the proper "Kitchen" to cook up a storm. The appreciation and respect for constant growth and development is why the fifth album, "The Conference of the Council" (2016), gives you the best of 2-Hye and Mos Keys thus far. A couple of tracks were composed by Jon Treble, which ultimately made this album a well-rounded 2-Hye experience.

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