"Believe In Yourself" Jessica G. Shares Her Journey to Weight Loss

"My life has changed so much and I feel amazing! Thank you to everyone who has been a part of my journey and for all the wonderful support!"

I wanted to make a change in my life in reference to my weight. Since elementary school I have struggled with my weight. There are many reasons why I made the choice to change my life. One reason is, I have had many loved ones who have struggled with major health issues. Unfortunately, I have seen many of them pass away from these issues. When you see people you care about lying in a hospital bed with a tube down their throat, you stop and tell yourself things need to change. The second reason is, I wanted to better my health and appearance. The third reason is, I wanted to prove to people and more importantly myself that I was strong enough to make a change. Always believe in yourself and set life goals! I have started paying more attention to what foods I put into my body to help with my journey. When I shop for food now I look for more veggies and fruits. I also buy sugar free, no salt, non GMO, gluten free and organic foods. 

 I joined a gym nine months ago for the first time in my life. I go to the gym two times a week, but I do some kind of exercise every day at home. I love country music so three times a week I turn on my radio and dance it's a great exercise! I started going for walks in the morning or the evening. I also do DDPY everyday I am able to keep track of all numbers that are important. I like to see and know
what my blood sugar is and blood pressure. I can see month to month what my measurements are from my chest to waist. I have only been doing DDPY for a eight months, but I can see and feel a big difference. My back would hurt me a lot but now I can move and bend and my back feels amazing! DDPY helped me rehab my own back at home. I have reduced my asthma medication and I had sever plantar fasciitis but, with all the stretching with DDPY it's gone!! My flexibility is awesome and so is my balance. Also, I really enjoy the live workouts with DDP, it’s like he is right there. Yes, it’s true you can make DDPY your own and OWN IT. I can see muscles in my legs, stomach, and arms becoming stronger every day. Sometimes I need a little motivation, well with the DDPY app there are motivational Mondays.The app also has a cooking show, there are so many great recipes. I recommend this to everyone any shape, size and age. Make it your own and OWN IT, BANG!! I didn't want to lose weight to buy new clothes or to be center of attention, I did it because I wanted to better my health. I'm happy to say that I am down 108lbs. My life has changed so much and I feel amazing! Thank you to everyone who has been a part of my journey and for all the wonderful support!

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