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Welcome to the city’s scenes
Listen closely, its as if you can hear the city’s heartbeat
The people running around like cells moving in vessels
Blockages arise from a crash on the trestle
The skyscrapers’ define the heights where people envision themselves to be
The buildings themselves create a crisp breeze that gathers together then takes aim at the city streets
The pavement is scarred by studded tires that gives it years of abuse
New developments start to come through and replacing the old Gentrification!
Driving up property values as they tear down pieces of stone

This place runs on commerce
Movers and Shakers
Takers and Money Makers
Customers and Hustlers’
They’re all pieces playing a part in this continuous game
Like the man at the corner store turning copper and silver into exact change
Recording every transaction, as he knows, nothing stays the same
This is a place where walking nightmares intertwine with heavenly dreams
Darker stories to be told unfold behind tortured voices and heavy screams
The words of those chained away behind walls and held in captivity
Forced to relive the choices that drove the desire to quickly acquire expensive things
In this moment, alive with nothing but envisioning the other possibilities
Outside the cell “windows” holding those who pine to be free
Holds another scene of homeless encampments made up of dilapidated tents
Duality of views that you can see late at night sitting in brightly lit parks that protect the broken down bench

Welcome to the city’s scenes
Listen closely, its as if you can hear the city’s heartbeat

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