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Meet DJ "M Haffa" from Bronx, New York

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Starting off his career at the age of 13 with a lunchbox full of Cheetos, a fistful of money, bike and a dream, DJ M Haffa watched from afar some of the greatest turntablist like Jam Master J and Grand Master Flash get to work at local parties around his neighborhood. From there, DJ M Haffa decided that it was his time to shine and so he began using his cash he saved to buy records. Later on, DJ M Haffa threw himself more in the mix and started to play at small parties, foreshadowing a close friend and then perfecting his technique day by day. Although this disc jockey had to give in his turntables and sell the records he owned to his friend while going away to college, this didn't stop DJ M Haffa for pursuing his love for music. Once graduating, he went back into the mixing field, impressing a mass of individuals all across the globe and it was all because of the choices he decided to make. Currently, he is blessed to be playing his dynamite radio show called "The DJ MHaffa Experience Show" now currently on five radio stations and growing. Each and every Thursday starting at 11am you can listen to him on several internet radio stations around the world and at 6pm to 8pm you can listen to him on Also he currently playing on-air each and every Saturday at 12:30pm to 2:00pm only on He recently joined Federal District Records as their official DJ in October 2018.



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