Getting Twisted Insane (article by Jhantu Randall)

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Back in February I had bought tickets to a show being headlined by San Diego native, Twisted Insane. I’ve always been a fan of double time rhymers, choppers, and any quick cadence in-between. Being a listener of groups like Do or Die or artists like Twista, I was always impressed by the speed in which they flowed. From there I was drawn to Tech N9ne which I bring up for a couple of reasons, first off being given the opportunity to get in to cover that show by Lezerrick Holiday of 03 Ent. lead to the platforms I now have. In addition to that, it was through Tech N9ne’s song “World Wide Choppers” that I was first introduced to the sound of Twisted Insane, and with 03 Entertainment and Yahhh Music, started by Tazz Jones and Fasa Labree promoting and performing, this article feels as if something has come full circle.

Returning to Frankie’s Sport’s bar in Olympia, I was actually excited to return to the place that kicked off my New Year. Walking in, the show was already kicking off with DJ Eskro on the turntables as an artist who goes by the name of “The Message” was performing. I was drawn not only to his words but the songs themselves. I could feel his pain and his journey through almost every rhyme. After immediately being greeted by George Kush, he informed me that The Message was a military man which only added more gravity to the words he spit for us all to hear. Following his was David Kitsch who I had seen a few times before and thoroughly enjoyed. His energy and interaction with the crowd is always a welcomed part of his sets. Fasa Labree came up next, representing Yahhh Music she jumped right in to some of her current songs which can be found on her sound cloud. With this new emergence of R&B it’s exciting to see someone on a local level really appreciate the craft while at the same time, showing why she’s one to pay attention to. After putting the crowd into almost a trance like state with her vocals, she premiered a new song. While the name of it slips my mind, I will say that after she was done she had the crowd screaming for an encore! After acknowledging the crowd, she fulfilled their wishes by singing an impromptu song in acapella.

Next up was George Kush who when he takes the stage, possesses the ability to truly connect with an audience whether large or small. Regardless of the turnout he gives the same energy. On top of being a good rapper with some obvious southern influence in his songs, he’s a natural host, so when he does spit you connect with his content. Tazz Jones emerged to do a set, prepping the crowd for the main event coming up. Tazz went to his known hits as he has recently released some projects and had plenty of material to choose from. Bringing his wife, Fasa back up on stage, they began to perform some of their songs they’ve recorded together as the crowd began to hype itself up once more. It’s a blessing to witness these 2 at this level because over the last year, I can truly say that its not hard to imagine them headlining their own shows soon. After Tazz did his part to get the crowd ready, Twisted Insane hit the stage emerging like a prized fighter ready to spar a few rounds. This mans flow definitely lives up to the name “Insane,” as fast as he comes across on record, live he sounds almost faster and sharper. Watching him you find yourself in awe that anyone can rap that fast without flinching. In between songs, Twisted would gauge the audience and share personal stories while doubling down on the love he felt for everyone who came out to see him. “I’m blessed, I get to go from town to town rapping. This is my job,” he said with a tone that conveyed both hard work, admiration and joy at the opportunity. He went into a story about a song he dedicated to a close friend who passed of an overdose before he performed it. This song stood out as he not only rapped in a rapid fire delivery, but he acted out some of the sequences giving the song itself a deeper impact! To hear his songs is to listen in awe, to see it live is to feel like you’re apart of an experience.

After the show was over, Twisted Insane hung around and talked with and took pictures with the people who stayed behind. After speaking with him for a few minutes I was taken aback at how humble this man was. For as talented as he is he almost seemed overwhelmed with the compliments and encouragement he was receiving. He responded to every word with a handshake and a kind word in return which actually made me support him as a fan even more. One of my regrets was not having the cash on me to buy an album directly from him. Thinking about it, an artist like Twisted Insane is the perfect headliner for this group to open for as his hunger is so similar to that of all the artists associated with both Yahhh Music and 03 Ent. It’s been something to see witnessing everyones growth over the past year. After this show the sky is no longer a limiting barrier, nothing can contain the energy that is culminating In the 253 and spreading outward.

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