Read "Addiction’s Rage" poem by Jhantu Randall

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Look closely!
Don’t try to wipe the image clean
Quit bullshitting!
You know you can clearly see
Dancing with the devil in the form of relapse
When it comes to the drama of the situation
The women, the whole package 
You’re too weak to run, standard addict!

Crazy, self-made situations that hold plenty of baggage
Desperately convincing yourself none of it is yours to claim
Don’t get caught up in that challenge 
Thinking you're good?
Here it appears to throw off your balance 
Possesses the ability to cut deep while simultaneously striking you
It’s an all out assault leaving all involved black and blue 
Ravaged from rage
Shattered, battered and bruised 
A fatal attraction that holds a twisted, seductive kind of love for you 

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