Watch "Headphones" music video by The Good People

The video captures the essence of Hip-Hop; simplistic without any unnecessary hype. The pure stainless canvas captures men and women and children of all colors and stripes chasing sounds and vibrations through headphones.

The unparalleled emcees set the bar lyrically and invite listeners to reminisce about good days by muting out the hectic and crazy. The video integrates established and major indie artists along with fans, all head bopping and engulfed in “Headphones.” Dinco D, El Da Sensei, and Napoleon Da Legend can’t contain their elevated vibes from the soulful arrangement of production over impeccable, classic scratches.

Hip-Hop enthusiasts worldwide will undoubtedly embrace the superlative energy felt by Emskee and Saint during the creation of “Headphones.” For more info on the duo and their forthcoming album Good For Nuthin’ visit: The Good People.


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