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Looking back on things I thought I knew
Seeing how a lot of it may never come true
Allowing my own doubts to seep through
Look into the mirror and ask what it is thats holding me back
The answer is, myself
I’m the reason some of the best moments couldn’t last

Convinced theres always a murky territory
Piecing together different moments that are shown before me
Adding the spin to craft a coherent story
Not purely for the love of the art, but for a false sense of glory

Fighting self righteous indignation
Compacted next to the ego spawning the things this combination breeds
Staring at the crowds needing to feed off their energy
Confronting the narcissist that exists behind everything
The pen strokes the pages documenting this sense of insanity
Let me always come back and escape into these pages
The hopes of an idol shown through different stages
This is the epitome of my own salvation 
It’s the only reason I didn’t continue to go back to crowded cages

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