Pasadena Blind Man claims to have lost Wilson Middle School Talent Show to Hi-Inergy
After consistently releasing 48 magazine issues, Mistah Wilson decided to undertake an even more daunting task: a weekly radio show. For the debut episode, Mistah Wilson gives us the 'Word of the Street' from people in and around the Pasadena community.

A big fan of Whitney Houston, Percy Johnson asks audiences "Who can carry Whitney Houston's torch?" It is believed that today's Pop & R&B artists cannot fill the shoes of Houston. But, that's up to YOU to decided! Cast your vote here.

For our featured guest this week, we caught up with Francis "Pudge" Freeman, also known as Mr. Frantastic, who gave us a interesting testimony about extreme homelessness, life in prison with and without his vision, and even how he came second place to Pasadena-based group Hi-Inergy at a Wilson Middle School talent show back in the mid to late 70's.

This show was the first of many many more to come. Be sure to check for new episodes every Wednesday! 

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