INSPIRATION: Tyler Perry Explains Benefits of Being 'Hidden'

This is not a new video, but it reached me at such a
relevant time in my life that I was compelled to share it with you. Hollywood Producer Tyler Perry sits in the Inspiration Corner and talks about how sometimes 'God' will 'hide' you. He explains how he was kept from being exposed to a lot of things related to business but how it also allowed him to not be tainted by the industry. Perry also expounds on how it might have been for him had he 'went the route he wanted to go'. He claims it would've just been an average story. "Because I was hidden.. didn't know how things were suppose to go in film & television, that ignorance allowed me to carve my own way," Tyler says. "I was able to make deals that were unprecedented."

I wanted to share this for aspirates like me who need understanding as to why nothing has happened for them yet. Tyler talks about how even his major underground successes were ignored and how he leveraged that to essentially 'write his own ticket'

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